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A wood products company had trouble running their new VSD due to issues with compressor settings and a high flow demand that kept starting unneeded compressors. Read about it in this link:

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This compressed air assessment was done on a system that had optimum components installed. The system had a VSD compressor, blower style dryer, large storage, and a pressure flow control, yet still the system was running inefficiently. This problem was caused by inattention by both operators and the service provider to the proper way to…

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Please check out my article in Compressed Air Best Practices that describes what happened when a steel processor had their compressed air systems assessed. Subsequent changes caused a 71 percent decrease in energy consumption and a 60 percent savings in the other. Both projects has paybacks of less than two years.   Ron Marshall is…

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Please check out this blog post where I discuss the comparison of two compressed air systems, one wee designed, the other using standard components that have not been properly maintained and installed.  The difference in operating cost is striking. Compressed Air Fail: Tale of two plants