My mission is to improve the
world through compressed
air system optimization and training.

What Marshall Compressed Air Consulting offers

I can help you understand your compressed air system and recommend changes that will improve plant pressure, lower operating costs, increased reliability and improve air quality.  The compressed air assessments I offer look at both the production of compressed air and the use of the air in the plant, creating an energy baseline and an estimate of system waste.

Most industrial plants are spending way too much on their compressed air, MCAC makes plant personnel aware of what is causing the high costs and what to do about them.

Why you need me working for you

I offer an independent look at the system based on over 22 years of experience in the industry.  Because I don't sell equipment our recommendations can be product neutral.  I will report things at compressor vendors miss during their regular maintenance or are too afraid to reveal.

Marshall Compressed Air Consulting is one of the most experienced compressed air assessment providers in Canada. With 22 years of experience and thousands of compressed air audits completed we can give you an independent view of your system and find problems that your own service provider missed.

The company is owned and operated by Ron Marshall, formerly Manitoba Hydro's leading compressed air expert. Having over 22 years experience in the industry, Ron is one of North America's top experts on compressed air efficiency, having performed thousands of compressed air assessments. Ron has a worldwide presence through United Nations (UNIDO) international training missions and published informative articles in the leading trade magazines.

Ron is a Certified Engineering Technologist and has received certification as an Energy Manager, Demand Side Management, and Measurement and Verification Professional through the Association of Energy Engineers. Ron was the first Canadian participant to qualify as a DOE AIRMaster+ specialist and is a Certified Level 2 instructor with the Compressed Air Challenge.

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